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5/162 Albert Road,
South Melbourne,
VIC 3205
Email: southmelbourne@exemplarcomm.com.au

General Manager - Joel O'Shea - South Melbourne

We've been building on our family reputation in this industry since the 1940s

Q & A
Q: What does this construction manager actually do?

A: Deliver projects from end to end, or after design stage, as a sole practitioner, Victoria-wide, to both Government and non-Government organisations, predominantly infrastructure buildings, but has capacity in any type or class of building <15m rise with 1 basement.

Q: What's Construction Management?

A: Master Builders Australia publishes this standard form contract set wherein the Registered Practitioner company (The CM) becomes and agent of the Principal (asset owner) and manages the project and tenders to the specialist Trade Contractor market on behalf of the Principal, administers contracts on behalf of the Principal, and manages and certifies the building works as Registered Building Practitioner.

Q: What are the main benefits of CM?

1. The Principal can set a maximum project budget, the scope and time factors then align to that budget without contractual penalties for variations.
2. The Principal has an single and impartial practitioner reporting on and resolving project challenges on behalf of the Principal.
3. The Principal can settle on a preferred builder and report to stakeholders with budget insight.

Call me at South Melbourne office on 9699 4413 for a discussion about your next project.

Every appointment begins with a conversation about ethics. We abide by and promote our policy of honesty and ethical decision-making above all else.

EXEMPLAR COMMERCIAL is known amongst Building Surveyors and Architects for the importance placed upon technical compliance and known amongst Clients for understanding of project purpose, this coupled with decisive management skills and resourcefulness creates the pattern of project success.

5/162 Albert Road,
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Australian Company Number (A.C.N.): 159 668 658


Criterion Consulting is an proprietary limited private company Trading as EXEMPLAR COMMERCIAL
EXEMPLAR COMMERCIAL is an equal opportunities employer.
Applicants need not apply through website, we post vacant positions with a third party.

How to Find Us

EXEMPLAR COMMERCIAL administration offices are conveniently located near Domain Tram Interchange at
5/162 Albert Road,
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Phone +613 9699 4413

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